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Costabella Tropical Beach Resort Cebu

May 28, 2019

This was our first time going on a trip with a toddler, without anyone (like grandma) tagging along. We found Costabella Tropical Beach Resort while searching online for a baby friendly resort in Cebu. Our preference for a getaway resort has now changed for my husband and I. Yep –  a toddler in tow. So with the help of Google and photos of facilities posted on their website, we were able to find the perfect resort! The kiddie play area was one of the things we were excited about! So we booked our reservation and scheduled our trip right after our Safari Adventure in Carmen Cebu.

We didn’t have a bad experience at all in Costabella Tropical Beach Resort. Every transaction was so smooth, everyone was so friendly and smiling, the customer service was superb and we absolutely would love to come back! on summer when its high tide, so we can finally get to see the beach without the moss.

Our daughter had fun swimming and playing in the sand. Traveling with a toddler can be so tough, but it was, as they say, always worth it. I realized that we get so caught up with life and our daily routine. So it’s really something when you travel with a toddler and try to see how she gets so curious. How she sees and understands things. In turn, you get to have a different perspective. It forces you to put your phone down and appreciate these little things. It’s pure bliss and innocence. Like her reaction the first time her feet touched the sand. Her excitement when she took a dip in the pool. The first time she gazed on the beach. When her eyes were dazzled by the sunset. It was happiness times three.



Costabella Tropical Beach Resort Kiddie and Play Area



Costabella Tropical Beach Resort

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