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    My Home Desk

    February 19, 2021

    So here’s my desk, my corner where I can’t be bothered. I can only work here at night when everyone’s asleep. Even before the pandemic began and prior to me giving birth to Joaquin, I was working from home. My desk is pretty much everywhere in the house – be it in the dining table, living room, bedroom. I had no space, my stuff where everywhere and it drove me crazy. I didn’t want to spend but I trusted myself…

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    Regret and Loss

    An open letter to my cousin and a friend, Sirius, who passed away at age 28.  You were quiet and reserved, you don’t ask for help and never insisted that you need help. Never…

    September 5, 2020
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    Second Time’s A Charm

    I kind of feel obliged to write about Joaquin’s birth story because I did one with Kai – My High Risk Pregnancy 35 weeks in The last Netflix episode I watched the night before was…

    May 6, 2020