Why I Used To Hate Insurance

October 23, 2021

I Didn’t Care About It.. At First

I was fresh out of college and working in the corporate world. There are colleagues, friends of friends who would offer life insurance with investment component, and what not. I wasn’t interested. I didn’t want to hear it at first.  Kept pushing it aside. Like what for?  I’m young and healthy and no one depends on me. 

Forgive me, I was naive when it comes to these things. I had no role model, influence or someone I can talk to about handling money, finances and investments.

I’d buy all these camera, gadget, travel, dine out, and everything I wanted to do. I would even opt out of travel insurance when booking flights thinking I would save money. Mind you, this was way back when I had no kids yet. A description of “you only live once” yolo as they would call it. HAH! LOL at my 20+ self. That’s a NO NO. If you judge my old self that’s alright, I would too.

What changed

Things changed when I became a parent. I made sure to get travel insurance from a 3rd party, other than what’s included with the airline ticket that we bought when we traveled with Kai, our first born.

My husband and I also got our first policy on the first year of our marriage. However, we didn’t think about health protection back then. 

I was hospitalized. Our savings got depleted twice and we racked up medical debt. Nope I’m not sick, but my two pregnancies were both high risk. We’re alright. However, this had caused a big impact on our lives. We had to hit pause on some of our major plans, and I often share these with my family and friends so they are able to make informed decisions, because chances are these things happen. Might not be the same thing , but you get the point. 

Long story short, our experience brought me to the insurance world. I was supposed to add another policy, but was invited to undergo training instead, since I had so many questions about it. Fast forward, a year after, I’m now a licensed advisor. I’m happy to let you know that I’m associated with Sun Life Philippines, Inc. 

I Want To Help Out

If you need more information about protecting your assets, your family and yourself, please send me a message and I’ll give you a free consultation and provide a proposal. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and ask questions. 

About Sun Life

Sun Life in the Philippines offers a diverse range of insurance, wealth, and asset management solutions to help every Filipino in their journey towards a brighter life.

As the country’s first and longest-standing life insurer, we provide:

  • Financial planning and guidance
  • Life insurance products for every life stage
  • Investment products for individuals, families, and companies
  • Health-focused products with an innovative wellness community
  • Exceptional client-servicing

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