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Urbandub Endless DVD Launch at 12 Monkeys

March 11, 2016

The second leg of Urbandub’s Endless DVD Launch tour at 12 Monkeys Bar was last March 10, 2016. The tour featured performances of bands including Maple Syrup, Cables & Space, Autotelic, Sirens and Faintlight.  This is the first gig we watched for the year so happy we were able to find time despite our busy schedule. My husband purchased Endless DVD for Php450.00. The DVD is a documentary about how the the band was formed and evolved over the years, it also features the last live performance (22 songs) of Urbandub in Metrotent. Definetly a great buy for an avid fan.

I was also surprised to see Shellby Reyes (55 Tinta) who did my first tattoo (wink 😉 ). Shoutout to Lloyd, who took some of the photos, as I was too engrossed with the live performance.

I tried to record the whole song, but I couldn’t. All I wanted was just to live in the moment.  😆




Autotelic! First time to listen to their music, definetly going to add them in my playlist!



Cables & Space


Maple Syrup





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