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Hannah Hotel Boracay, Station 1

November 14, 2021

It’s our 10th day today here at Boracay, the longest Toppet and I have been in an island, more so with our kids, a 4 year and 1 year old, can you imagine. I have to admit I was scared on our first day. Kaya ba namin? Kaya ko ba… hahaha.. so far so good. Yes its tiring, its challenging, its even CHAOS at times, but its fulfilling to see our kids exploring the outside world again. 

Hannah Hotel Boracay is a perfect choice for us. When we were initially planning our trip, knowing we will need a place to stay and survive for at least 3 weeks, looking for an apartment or airbnb was the most ideal option price wise. However, with kids, we have to consider things like needing immediate assistance, ensure safety and security. Does that make sense. Here are probably the reasons why we like this hotel. 

  1. Its located in Station 1, a few mins walk from the beach, about 3 mins when you’re solo, about 5 mins when you have a child with you 😀😅.  Those tiny legs, you get it .
  2. It’s homey, you wouldn’t feel like its a 4 storey building. The hallway is open, it feels light and airy, there are lots of natural light! I just love it! Kai refers to it as the mansion, “balik na tayo sa mansion natin” haha
  3. The view from the pool deck and lounge cafe, ugh! Trees, skies, clouds, and the sound of crickets 😅
  4. Purposely did not choose a beach front because it would be difficult for us when our kids would want to get out of the door to the beach while we’re working. 
  5. Free breakfast, not buffet, but it’s free. Although the breakfast is limited to longsilog, omelette and french toast. 
  6. Walking distance to Kolai Mangyan and Andoks
  7. E-Tricycle fee (from the main road) going to Dmall is Php15 each

The owners are friendly and polite. I didn’t recognize them as owners at first because they were wearing their uniform. The staff are courteous and approachable. Its not immaculately clean at all times and the wifi could still be improved in our room. Though, the wifi and internet speed in the pool deck area is faster (5G connection). There’s no ref in our room but we sometimes request that we put the kids’ drinks (dutch mill, chocolate drink in their ref) and they allow it. The pros outweighs the cons, but it wont stop us from coming back to this hotel in the future.

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