Writing “about me” is the hardest part, it’s like the first day of school wherein I have to introduce myself in front of a lot of people, which I so dread. How do I write this and not come off as boring? hmmm!

Let me start off by saying hello there, thank you for visiting my website. My name is Cates, I’m from Las Pinas City but I spent my childhood mostly in Quezon City until I graduated from college. I took up Bachelor of Science Major in Business Management.

I work full time, six days a week. I created this website to serve as my creative outlet or else I’m gonna lose my mind.

Truth be told, I discovered my passion for portrait photography as well as traveling when I was already in my 20s. I guess you could say I love going to the beach. I also love exploring new things. If I’m not where I am today, I would probably be surfing the waves all day, every day. I would love to learn surfing. (maybe one day…).

Some facts.

  • I got engaged to Christopher Sales last January 2014 and we got married December 2015. He does professional graphic and web design, web development and the likes. Yes! he manages my website! Check out Seven Side Studios
  • I love Kitkat chocolate, Coldstone chocolate devotion ice cream, swimming, working out, watching acoustic gigs, romantic comedy, green tea latte.
  • My favorite character is Rachel Summers and Brooke Davis. I like Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder together, but they separated. So now I like Iya and Drew.
  • I like Suits, Game of Thrones, One Tree Hill, Friends, The Walking Dead, Greys Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, Vikings, Revenge etc.. I watch a lot of series (but I just cant find time anymore).
  • My weapon of choice is Nikon D7000…now its Fujifilm x100s. thanks to my husband.
  • My first job was a call center representative of DirecTV in Convergys Makati.
  • I used to have a Death Knight in World of Warcraft, a sniper and gypsy in DarkRO. I played Left For Dead, Killing Floor, Special forces, Gunbound. Yeah, I was a gamer. Guess everyone has a geeky side.
  • I beat my fiancè in NBA the first time we played in his Play Station 3. He was extremely sad. So don’t get too comfy when you play against me. Haha.
  • I think I’m an introverted extrovert.
  • My pet peeves are one sided conversation, people spitting anywhere, stupidity combined with arrogance, people who dont use their turn signals. People who don’t listen.

If these aren’t enough, go ahead and ask me! 🙂

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