Voila! It’s Oil You Need

December 12, 2017

I used to have a lot of dark spots and acne on my face… that reaaally made me soo self-conscious.  I mean who wouldn’t? Zits be like “Hi there self! I’m ready to pop, scratch me with your dirrrty nail!’ I have a combination of dry and oily skin. I’ve tried calamansi, eskinol, Pro-activ, Ponds white, nothing worked until I went to a neighborhood facial center and used one of their facial kit that includes orange soap/ collagen soap with toner, cream etc. You know how that will turn out. Dry skin, chemical peel, harsh product.

Finding the right skin care routine for me was no easy task. When my skin calmed down, I thought of the long-term effect of these harsh products chemicals that I put on my face. I want to maintain the natural skin moisture and have a better and younger skin. It’s so hard to find natural skincare routine without breaking the bank, thanks to my friend who introduced me to Voila products.

Post Party Beauty by Voila (photo grabbed from https://www.itsoilyouneed.online)

It’s an all in one makeup remover that cleanses, tone and moisturizes. I’ve used this for more than two weeks now and I love how my skin felt after and until the next morning. My skin felt so supple and smooth. I can even kiss my baby right after I put it on because I know its safe to do so.

After the Post Party Beauty, I would use the Classic Charm Skin Elixir to help my skin be at its radiant best.

My baby enjoyed her Baby Bubble Bath too! What I like about it is that there are only 9 ingredients plus it’s natural and tear-free. Didn’t hurt my baby’s eyes.

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