My Baby and Me – Baby Swimming Lessons

June 11, 2018
What better way to engage your infant/ toddler in sports? Swimming!

My husband and I had thought of enrolling Kai in Baby and Me Swimming Class by Bert Lozada when she was 6 months old, but because of our tight schedule, we were only able to join during the summer after she turned one year old. And boy we’re so glad we did. It was a great way to bond with our baby. We want her to be super comfortable with water and this is also to prep her for our future beach getaways. hehe. but seriously, swimming is an essential life skill and it’s so important that our kids have the ability to swim as there are water hazards everywhere. Plus, engaging your child in sports can help lead them a healthy social life.

How many times have you watched news that kids or even adults drown and died during their trip when you’re supposed to be having fun. I remember during a summer outing when we took a ride on a banana boat, the driver purposely leaned over to make everyone fall off from the boat. One of the people riding the boat did not know how to swim. Panic ensued and the first instinct of a person who does not know how to swim is to grab on things and move their legs in running motion which only makes things worse. I tried to help but because the person was panicking and was grabbing on to me, I also felt like I was going to drown. It was so stressful. I just kept asking (yelling) at him/her to please be and stay calm. Thankfully, we both managed to reach the shore safely.

Coach Berna, of Bert Lozada Swim School (BLSS) briefs us on our first day

Kai loves baths and I was surprised when she was overwhelmed with how big the pool is, and with a teacher holding a fake baby instructing us what to do, she cried on her first day. She enjoys it much more when there are other babies joining the session. Toppet and I took turns with Kai joining the class. Eventually, she learned to enjoy the water and was so excited to go into the pool every session. Now, we’re looking forward to joining formal swimming lessons by BLSS and we hope she’ll like swimming as much as we do.



Few days after our session, here’s Kai during our first summer outing with the family.

Such a happy baby!

Kai with Daddy

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