Vibe Cafe at Life Yoga Center

April 14, 2016

Vibe Cafe is the newest go-to place for nutritious and healthy meals, snacks, and drinks inside the Life Yoga Center in Forbestown Center, Bonifacio Global City. It accommodates dietary preference like vegan, vegetarian and gluten- free.

Just to tease you, here’s a full look at the menu and some photos that were shared to me. Pay attention to the names on the menu. Berry Me, Green Me Back To Life, Salmon Like You, Yellow from the Other Side. They are very witty!

I stayed in the cafe while waiting for my class. The vibe is so relaxed, I suppose it is not a typical cafe, but more like a lounge, maybe because of the art displays. I opted to take Rock N Flow Yoginner class (at 7 PM) but my friend asked me if we could just do the Hot Beat instead which has an earlier schedule at 6:30 PM. For that reason, I was not able to try out the food in the cafe. It was already less than 30 minutes before we decided to take Hot Beat class and according to the rules, you should not eat 1-2 hours before doing yoga.

Why I waited so long… before I dragged myself to try yoga, I don’t know. LOL. My sister has been self-practicing yoga ever since I left home and I never got to ask her to teach me. She did once but she lost her patience because I couldn’t do a proper downward dog pose. hehe. Yep. Just. that. Once and she gave up on me. haha. To be honest, I had an assumption that yoga was too delicate. I was more drawn to try Pole Dancing (I haven’t still, sucks!). But this has entirely changed my mind, and I wouldn’t mind forcing convincing my friends to come with me too. I might purchase my own mat and self-practice, or maybe attend class soon. Now my sister and I will have something to share and talk about. Hehe.

Whoever wants to, yoga or poledancing, I need a buddy, please let me join you! 🙂


There’s free wifi too you can bring your laptop or maybe even read a book.


Try new things. Work Hard. As Do I


quirky art displays at the Vibe Cafe


yoga classes


Rates and class schedule



No mirrors so you won’t get too self conscious. Focus on your yoga practice and scenic view of trees.


shower room and colorful lockers.



Vibe Cafe and Life Yoga Center

Visit their website at and sign up for a free class.

Address: 2F, Forbestown Center, 8 Forbestown Rd, Taguig,

Like them on Facebook: Life Yoga

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