Sultan Mediterranean Grill, Salcedo Village

October 7, 2015

I became interested with Mediterranean cuisine when I was introduced to a Kebab spot in West Avenue QC back in College. It’s Mister Kebab!  I guess you already know that! All of a sudden every kebab place is visible to me since then. From Persian Grill, The Kebab Party, Kebabers,  Cafe Mediterranean and even SSC in BF Parañaque became familiar to me. I was ecstatic to stroll in Salcedo village right after my Saturday shift, thanks to Aldous and Jayce for the invite last weekend. I have heard about it before from a friend who invited me, however he’s now based in UAE so our plan never materialized. Maybe when he gets back!


Side street parking. I guess it’s free on weekends because I didn’t pay(sorry about the car, not mine)


Sultan Mediterranean caters mostly to office employees around Makati so it’s usually quiet on weekends. It’s open from 11am until 10pm, Mondays to Sundays. Definitely no excuse not to visit this gem. The second branch of Sultan Mediterranean will open in San Juan Green hills on November this year. Looking forward to my second visit this time with my husband. When can we go please lets go! Yes I am publicly begging for a lunch date haha. 😛



Quiet Saturday. Yes I’m hungry food panda!


To those who have been here way back, you might be wondering, this place underwent renovation late last year. Sultan Mediterranean Grill is formerly known as Sinbad’s until it was acquired by a new group. The moment I stepped in, I noticed the lights setup. This is the kind of light set up I want for my own dining table some day. You know the light is directly above the middle area of the dining table.


I’m seeing big black plates. Yes I need big plate. haha



The photos on the menu looks amazing. Confuses you which one you should choose




Falafel (Php250.00)

For starters, we were served the Falafel. It’s made of deep fried chickpeas with spices, laid in generous amount of Hummus and served with pita. It’s also great with the garlic sauce and the spicy one. I was looking for rice already. Of course anything is great with their sauce!



This one is called Vitamin Boost. Served with orange cranberry dressing. (Php250.00)

Vitamin Boost salad is made up of fresh lettuce, cucumber, quinoa, mango, red onions, oranges, dried cranberries, walnuts with orange cranberry dressing. So healthy and yum! The kind of meal I want to eat right after working out.



Greek Salad (Php200.00)

The second salad on the table is the Salata Horiatiki or Greek Salad made with diced tomatoes, cucumber, fresh salad greens, feta cheese and black olives.



Lamb Shanks with buttered rice! (Php550.00)

The most important meal of the day is the braised lamb shanks with buttered rice. The meat is juicy even after slowly braising it for 3 hours. This is definitely good for sharing, its so tasty you’re going to want to eat more rice. You don’t need the knife because the lamb is so tender.



Kebab platter with grilled tomato (Php580.00). with beef, lamb, chicken and seafood.

The kebab platter boasts huge slices of beef, lamb, chicken plus seafood. I indulged myself  and ate it with their yummy garlic sauce and Lobia Rice. This one’s a very hearty meal. I literally soaked those huge chunk of meat in garlic sauce. I think this is good for 5 people, just order more rice so you won’t get bitin when your friends steal yours.



Lobia Rice (Php100.00)

So this is the Lobia Rice, which has string beans and chicken with a Mediterranean twist. They also have Beryani Rice which is priced at Php80.00, Keshmishi Rice at Php100.00, Vegetable Pilaf at Php100.00, Buttered Rice at Php40.00 and Plain Rice at Php30.00.  Rice plus the Kebab platter? So much WIN!!! Ohh and again don’t forget the sauce.



On their Pasta menu, Moussaka (Php220.00)

Mousakka is a dish of layered minced beef, eggplant and cheese baked just like a lasagna. If you’re a fan of egg plant, this one’s for you because I’m not hehe. I like the cheese though.



Shawarma. I can only eat the half.



Banana Yogurt Shake (top) and Mixed Berries Yogurt Shake at Php100.00

Never go to a Kebab spot without ordering a Yogurt shake. In other restaurant’s menu it’s called Lassi. I tried the Mixed Berries Yogurt shake and it was perfect to take off the edge of the spicy meal.


Sultan Mediterranean Grill
UG9 Valera Plaza Condominium
124 San Augustin, Makati Metro Manila
Tel No. (632) 8945909
Mobile (632) 8945909

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