Downtown and Halsted, Bonifacio Global City

August 21, 2017

When you’re around Forbes Town in Burgos Circle BGC, check out this up and coming bar called Downtown and Halsted. You can dine in, drink booze and appreciate art all at once. It isn’t your ordinary resto-bar, the concept for this bar is something new and edgy. The establishment’s aesthetics is industrial, urban and hippie inspired by and named after a hippie street in downtown Chicago called the Halsted.

Downtown and Halsted feature artists with artworks that can be bought by customers on the spot. It’s like an art gallery for rising artists. If you’re an artist looking for a place to exhibit your artwork, you can submit your portfolio subject to approval by the owners and partners of the restaurant. The good thing is that it’s free! They will only take a commission fee (per art) when you are able to sell.

The menu was conceptualized by part owner, Chef Marco Legasto, (Prime 101 Restaurant, Abuela) who based his cooking technique in the art by bringing out his creativity with no limitations and boundaries as to which type of cuisine they wanted to offer. You’ll find a unique combination of menus like Filipino favorite Crispy Pork Knuckles, Seafood pasta, Portobello and Quinoa, Tikka Wrap etc.

With all the food that we relished, I can’t get enough of the Seafood Pasta, it is sooo creamy. I’m more into Marinara sauce, but this has caught me by surprise. The mussels and the shrimp is so gooood! It is that GOOD. I’m looking forward to bringing my husband there since he likes Alfredo sauce (and we can’t wait to plan our date since Kai hehe). I also liked the Crispy Pork Knuckles because when I bit into the skin, I heard a crunch, its really crispy. Sometimes you just gotta cheat.


Mushroom Soup (Php250.00)

If you’re up for a healthy meal..Portobello and Quinoa is your choice.

Portobello and Quinoa (Php250.00)


Pork Skewer (Php150.00)


Spiced Black Mussels with Fresh Chili and Curry Leaves (Php250.00)

Tikka Wrap (Php240.00)

Crispy Pork Knuckles (Php580.00)

Baby Back Ribs (Php580.00) with mashed potatoes

Chorizo Pasta (Php580.00)

Seafood Pasta

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