Gerbu’s Burger N’ Tacos, BF Homes Paranaque

August 17, 2014

This is where we normally begin with before we drive along Aguirre St. in  BF Homes Paranaque and go straight to Gourmet’s Palate. I can bet anyone from the south can relate to that. Last mid-January, while we were going through our choices on the menu, a lot were not available, that rarely happens, we quizzed the crew. Turns out they’re closing at the end of the same month and that they are not relocating anytime soon. Argh! What?!! No new place whatsoever? Awwww… Well my story is, I was in College when I got to taste and introduced to Blue Thunder burger at Gourmet’s (6 or 7 years ago because I was from Quezon City that time). Food makes us sentimental don’t you think? Story of my life wherein I moved to Las Piñas so I’m pretty new to the places-to-be in the south. The place is homey and laid-back, non-commercialized go-to burgers, tacos and fries house. It had a few tables and chairs, some were set up outside.It was not as big as any fast food chain or resto but it was enough to give me my damn comfort food.

Gerbu's! Burger N Tacos

Gerbu’s! Burger N Tacos

Now enough talking. Where’s the Blue Thunder and Samurai?

Since its’ shutdown last January. We never got any news as to where they are now, until our friend AJ, who persuaded us into getting together, in exchange of sharing that little piece of information, where the hell is new Gourmet’s? In a matter of 1 week, 9 of us agreed to meet including me, Toppet, AJ, Rye, Carlo, Charles, Cleo, Patrick and Zuli.

Welcome to Gerbu’s!

I think it was the word of mouth from loyal customers of Gourmet that spread like crazy. I never found any announcement that this is legit Gourmet (if there is please let me know). But looking at the plate, utensils, the condiments and the way the food was presented, I think, well we think,  thizizit.




Notice the frames around, should have taken a photo of each.



definitely a feel good place!



looking at the menu….looking for that Blue Thunder..


there you go! woohooo!



2nd page of the menu, no dimsum etc. we were hoping for the 3rd and 4th page, hopefully soon!



Gerbu’s Nachos at Php170.00


Osaka comes with wasabi (Samurai) at Php 140.00


Blue Lemonade at Php35.00


Gerbu’s Tacos (Killer Tacos) at Php 55.00


Chow Rice (Takaw Beef Meal) at Php110.00


Sky. there’s the blue cheese (Blue Thunder) at Php160.00


lets see how thick is the patty

Gerbu’s Burger N’ Tacos
216-B Aguirre Ave. BF Homes 1720 (beside Tea Talk) Parañaque
Tel. No. (02) 501 0616
Facebook account: Gerbu’s Burger N’ Tacos

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