August 21, 2016

7 weeks 2 days.

It was a size of a blueberry when we first saw it in the monitor. I stared with my husband. We were amazed that a tiny little thing could beat 157 per seconds. Wow. We were stunned.  7 weeks and 2 days…

I was videochatting with my mom when I decided to tell her, she was showing me Zoey and Summer, our family pets, while I show her the ultrasound photo and waited until she sees it. And because she wasn’t wearing any sunglasses she was squinting and had no idea what I was showing, and then 5…4…3…2….1….from her squinted eyes to surprised look. Hahaha. I was teary eyed.

When I bought my Note 3 in December 2013 and showed it to her, she told me to stop buying things, save money and have a child already. hahaha. I wasn’t even married then. I said, chill, I’m going to get there soon. Now I still have my Note 3 and I’m expecting a child… God has blessed us with so much. All glory to his name.

Oh I almost forgot, you’re asking how I told my husband?  I took a HPT early in the morning while he was sleeping. And then I couldn’t really sleep after I saw 2 lines. I waited until he woke up and showed him immediately. I must say someone must be cutting onions that early.

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