I’m (officially) Engaged!

April 26, 2014

Its now safe to say that I’m engaged! Yay! Coz I already knew this long before “it” happened. Everyone (well, not everyone) knows that Toppet and I have been together for 10 years, for someone who I love, who is so much in love with me, (yes! haba ng hair! Haha) it is already expected that we are gonna go through that marriage course no matter what. It happened January 2nd of this year in San Juan Surf Beach Restaurant in La Union. After we ordered our dinner, he showed me the ring, and tadah! Do I need to say yes? Really? Haha. My ring finger was way more excited than me! Saying hello there Fiancé, put it on me now. Hahaha


We had a great dinner. Everyone around us was just a blur. We informed our families and friends via text and naturally announced it on Facebook, twitter and instagram (social media is always gonna be part of something big as this. Lol).

That night reminded me of how he swept me off my feet. 🙂


This year, there wont be traveling as much as I’m very busy with work and wedding planning (plus we need to save). This means I’m also gonna be forced to learn how to handle the stove, the frying pan with exploding hot cooking oil and pan cover as a shield! . Damn it! Hahaha.

Well the good news is that theres no visa required for Filipinos going to Japan anymore. Gotta look forward to that too, next year. Lets see!:)

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