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Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

November 2, 2019

Kai was just around 17 months when we had an idea to bring her to the zoo. She was starting to get fond of the farm song (Old Macdonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O) and by that time, she has learned how to identify animals by their sound. 

The only memory of me ever going to the zoo was probably one of the school field trips that I had. It could be Manila Zoo. I’m sure it was. Knowing the condition of the zoo, it isn’t the best one that we have (no pun intended). This got me curious, like what’s the best one out there or what’s the go-to place these days to see animals. I was really looking for options. I know about the zoo in Subic and Tagaytay. But I never knew there was one, not a zoo, but a safari in Carmen Cebu. Yay! We were so freaking excited! This is considered the biggest safari park in the Philippines with 170 hectares of land and more than a thousand animals. It’s really worth seeing!

It’s been a year since this trip, and I can’t say about it much anymore since a lot has been improved in the park. 

We were told by one of the staff that the Safari park will soon have Cabins available for reservation and I think that’s the first in the PH. 

The lions are in the park already but it would take months before they are ready to be shown to the public. The reason is, if I remember it correctly,  the pack of lions was being trained to get used to in their new environment. We were so amazed when we were told they were transported via military aircraft from abroad (a C-160), just like in movies. hehe.

Thank you Michel J. Lhuillier for making this world-class Safari park possible!


The Cabin’s available for booking!


Curious Kai

The white tiger.

Kai looking intently at the crocodile.

Another safari ride.



Looking for the meerkat, which is her favorite. I think?

this is her favorite Snapchat filter haha, Meerkat!

one of the restaurants has an overlooking view of different species of birds and ducks. the other side shows giraffes.

waiting for the orangutan to show up.

wonderful, wonderful show!



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