MacBook Repair

June 9, 2017

My laptop was included in the MacBook repair program initiated by Apple due to video issue or also known as the “blue screen of death” que horror for any laptop owners. I did some calls and brought it in Power Mac Center at SM Aura. Believe it or not but if you do not know or mention the repair program they will not accept your MacBook at all, heck they will probably charge you for it. Happy ending right? Not…Unfortunately after 4 months, it exhibited the same symptoms when I first brought it in, blue screen, won’t start up, screen freezes and what not. Power Mac does not want to accept it for repair again since the warranty has expired. They advised me that the cost will be the same with just buying a new one (ring a bell?). I was so close to throwing this laptop away and thinking of buying another one when I had a light bulb moment. Google. LOL.

Tadah! Thanks to AB Blanc Laptop / Apple Mac Repair Center. My Mac has been repaired for the 2nd time! They changed the video chip with a new one. I also purchased a new MagSafe charger for a fraction of the cost.  So don’t fret if they say it’s better to purchase new Mac instead of having it repaired. To perfectly describe the fee, “measly” compared to the amount they charge in Power Mac.

You know what else I found out, Power Mac did not replace the video chip and they redacted the serial number. 🙁

Check their reviews on Facebook, that’s how I was encouraged to get their service. For now, let’s see how this brand new video chip will go. 🙂

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