Tipple & Slaw, Forum Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

September 17, 2014
 Let’s tipple!

This recently opened sandwich shop/bar boasts of amazing sandwiches inspired by the show like Man Vs. Food, where Adam Richman indulges himself in delish and mouth-watering sandwiches. Now, this changed my impression of what sandwiches should be, whether how it looks and more importantly how it deliciously taste. Talk about setting your sandwich standard high, coz not only that, the vibe of the place is more like where you can just hang out with your friends , eat your comfort food and drink booze or just chill with a fresh homemade iced tea and shake on any given day.

Open from 11:00am to 1:00am (Sun- Thurs), 11am-3am (Fri & Sat)


The owners strategically placed long tables (rather than table that sits two) because if it’s jam packed you can just easily sit in with anyone.


Tipple & Slaw’s inspiration wall. Find Adam!


Basically, Tipple means alcohol, while slaw for sandwiches they offer.

Cates vs. Food!!!
An open bar in the middle that offers a selection of drinks with barbecued and grilled food sounds perfect! But no one’s driving me home so let’s just skip the tipple and savor what’s on the menu. I may have intentionally skipped the dessert because I had to leave early (or because I should be watching my diet lol.) I will, without a doubt, return for the real sandwich!  Smores Ice Cream Sandwich. HAHAHA.All in all, I love the tipple pizza, the spicy chicken wrap and the chicken nuggets.
Everything is pretty much good for sharing.Have you tried Corn Fries? They’re amazing! Served with honey mustard and bbq sauce. I prefer the latter. I was thinking this is healthier than the french fries as an excuse! haha. But really….it’s good.

Corn Fries (Php200.00) – mashed corn, BBQ mayo, spiced brown honey mustard

Chicken gets me going…Thats why I love the Chicken nuggets and volcanic wings too! Served with homemade sauces.


Chicken Nuggets (Php250.00) – crispy chicken, BBQ sauce, chili ketchup, honey mustard


Volcanic Wings (Php380.00)- blue cheese stuffed boneless chicken wings, buffalo sauce

You know what reminds of those wraps? the movie, Chef. I wonder if they will come up with their own version of Cubanos. I sure hope they do.

Spicy Chicken Wrap (Php250.00)- oatmeal crusted chicken,  chopped herbs, smoked chili coleslaw and tortilla


Italian Beef Sandwich (Php350.00) – roast beef, grilled peppers, Giardinera, spicy mustard, beef drippings *Bestseller


Porchetta Sandwich (Php350.00) – Stuffed and roasted pork belly, pickled red onions, arugula, balsamic syrup, ciabatta *Bestseller


Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Php300.00)- 4 Cheese, truffle, honey and tomato soup *Bestseller

There’s corned beef in the Tipple Pizza! how did that happen? It’s so good!


Tipple Pizza (Php550.00) – thin crust pizza, tomato sauce, pastrami, corned beef, smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing and cheese


Tipple Burger (Php380.00) – smoked fresh ground beef, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, fresh grilled mushrooms and BBQ sauce


and because I love BBQ flavored pizza.. I’ll come back for you.


Arnold Palmer (Php110.00) – fresh lemonade iced tea


Strawberry Lemonade (Php125.00)


Spicy Seafood Pasta (Php380.00) – grilled shrimps, fresh salmon, fresh crab, crab fat and caviar


Let’s tipple!


Who needs booze!

TIpple&Slaw Smores… so yummy!

Facebook: Tipple & Slaw
Address: 2nd floor, The Forum, 7th Ave. cor. Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City,  Taguig
Phone: (02) 500 0882

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