My Little Baby Bump

November 19, 2016

Almost two years of being married, I still can’t believe we’re going to be a family soon. 10 weeks have passed since we found out I’m pregnant and have been so busy being lazy in bed haha that I can only share random stuff about being a first time mom.


No this is not me, this is the time where I was asked to do a maternity shoot and back then I was already thinking of getting a HPT and no one knew even my husband.

14714539_213331659098575_3601507721838329856_n 17 weeks 6 days, lifting a 5Ibs. weight, with my tummy starting to bulge at almost 18 weeks and I could almost feel this little baby moving around and when I do, I have to stop what I’m doing just to really feel if it’s really moving or not. Next month will be our next ultrasound and we’re excited to see whether it’s a boy or a girl.

8377870787_f2ef49bd2eThe time I had a severe migraine while I was alone in the office, I felt like I was gonna throw up or fall down to the floor anytime. I went home early because I didn’t think I can last and I wanted to lie down in my bed so bad. My kind husband massaged my hands while I cry myself to sleep, it was so painful. I slept for 3 hours and I felt better when I woke up. I felt like I deserved the Galaxy Cookie Crumble bar I saved in the fridge for 2 months. Ohhhhh it was delicious!


Ice cold coke. You have no idea how much I’m missing you right now. LOL. I rarely drink soft drinks prior to my pregnancy, but now that I know I can’t drink any of it, I just want it so bad. Can’t wait till I pop this baby out. haha.


Here I was at 19 weeks. My mom hasn’t seen me in a long time and has never seen my baby bump, so I sent her a screen shot out of the blue. She’s happy. yay! 

Speaking of my mom, when I bought my note 3 almost 3 years ago, I showed my new gadget to her. She told me stop buying things and save my money, because I’m not getting any younger and that I should have a baby! I wasn’t even married then. haha.

Here we go again at the grocery… just staring..

See you soon my hair! ..and here’s the guy who cooks and cleans for us when I can’t. hehe.

Most of the people around me have asked san daw ako naglilihi, I honestly dont know. all i know is that I often feel hungry, so I eat and sometimes I get fed up that I end up wanting diffrent food, food that I havent had since, or I rarely eat like suman, pretzels and caramel dip from Auntie Anne, grilled bangus, hipon, crabs, polvoron, pastillas, pancit bihon, chocolate crinkles, chicharon, champorado, Halo halo from Chowking! the list goes on! so far I don’t feel the need to cry for something that I cant have right away haha. and those photos of cheesecake in my feed, it was my husbands idea, no it wasnt me who requested it, but I really like this one. BEST.IDEA.EVER.

There was one time during a movie/series marathon on a Friday, I asked my husband if we could have food delivery (we had dinner already) it was around 10pm. He said “sa Sunday nalang” because we normally give in to simple joys like this night before getting back to work the next day. the normal me would have said, ( if i really wanted it,) no please lets have it tonight! I would have fought for it lol..  well… the drama queen was awakened, and I said… I said nothing, I did not react and kept thinking “bakit ganito, pano na pag nagugutom ako next time at gusto ko kumain, ayaw niya, ganito kaya althrough out my pregnancy” I felt sad and just finished the movie. He did not notice. I slept and felt better the next day. haha. I told him after a few days and we just laughed about it. DRAMA. QUEEN. or should I say drama pregnant woman.. haha..

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