Travel Log #10: Ni Hao, Taiwan

March 28, 2013

From the get-go I think its such a hassle to go to a country with visa requirement. But it was worth it when I saw that Cherry Blossoms… my first tattoo..ok the feeling of the cold weather too.  😆


Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Daily Cebu Pacific flights from Manila to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is 10:40pm. By the time we landed, it was already 12:45am. I have read from the internet that there is this Kua Kuang bus (No. 1819) that goes to Taipei Main Station at 1:30 am then the next trip would be at 3:00am. I didn’t expect that it would take us a lot of time before we reach the bus bay station (we had to wait for our luggages, go to the immigration counter, had our dollars exchanged to New Taiwan Dollar NTD) because we missed the 1:30am schedule. We decided to stay and wait for the next trip since I dont want spend 1,500NTD (that’s Php2,062) on a Taxi as opposed to 125NTD (Php172) each on a bus. The only good thing  is there’s wifi to entertain us.

The place were almost deserted. Until there was literally no buses, taxi’s and people left.


On the way to the Bus bay



Bus routes


what? good thing I did my research.




So this is how “we missed the bus at 2:30am” looks like


the worst part, I was hungry…and theres no food.. boohoo


No taxis, no shuttle, no buses no more.

Good thing I checked the bay number 5 because I saw the bus coming at 2:55am. We left at 3:00am on the dot! Make sure you have the exact fare of 125NTD each before you put the cash in the box or else no change for you.

We got off the last stop, Taipei Main Station, from there we took a metered taxi on our way to hotel. We paid 105NTD plus 20NTD (early morning fee).


Ni Hao! Take us to Dong Wu Hotel please

Our hotel

Dong Wu Hotel is the Travelers’ Choice® 2013 Winner in We booked a triple room for 4 nights. I enjoyed the daily buffet breakfast especially the orange juice, scrambled eggs, french toast, spicy tofu and the desert. The room is no doubt clean. Comfortable bed, spacious room, clean bathroom, a nice mirror and a TV with cable.. sweet!



I could stay all day. 😎



what to put on my plate


Hot soybean milk! yum.



Good morning!






there you are tomato kechup!



custard cake!




spicy tofu and scrambled eggs


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