Holidays At Home (Lumiliwanag Ang Mundo Sa Kwento Ng Pasko)

January 16, 2013

Here goes our very own station ID. hahahaha.

My Aunt  is home for the holidays and  so I made sure she’ll bring something memorable tomorrow when she leaves for US. Toppet helped me with the editing..hmm ok fine Toppet did the whole editing hahaha. (in case you need a video editor, I’d vouch for him! 😀 be it for  projects, thesis, personal home videos etc just let me know )

I’m going to make another one next year, its so fun! hahaha.

I’ll be sure to:

  • make everyone memorize a line from ABS-CBN’s station ID and do lipsync
  • make my mom dance
  • practice my own moves hahaha. teach me how to dougie!
  • use the tripod more often
  • and make everyone drink and lose their inhibitions, right Lolo and Lola? haha

Music: Lumiliwanag Ang Mundo Sa Kwento Ng Pasko by Kapamilya Stars
Edited by: Toppet Sales

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